Mercy Corps and The Wordy Traveler

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Dear Wordy Travelers,

Hello — what a pleasure it is to meet you! I’m writing on behalf of Mercy Corps, the international humanitarian organization I work for. We’re kicking off a partnership with The Wordy Traveler to support our mission of helping people rise above crisis, build better lives and strengthen their communities for good. As a Wordy Traveler member, you’re part of this bold endeavor as well, and we’re so thrilled to have your support.  

Let me take a quick moment to tell you a bit more about Mercy Corps. In more than 40 countries around the world, we partner with communities to respond to urgent needs and work to build brighter tomorrows. 

Millions of people are struggling in the face of extreme poverty, violent conflict and the devastating effects of climate change. From widespread hunger to the escalating refugee crisis, it’s easy to feel like the challenges facing the world today are daunting — but at Mercy Corps, we believe they’re not insurmountable. We believe a better world is possible. 

Mercy Corps helps communities hit by disaster rebuild stronger. We empower young people with the skills to shape their own promising futures. We provide food to millions of people in the hardest-to-reach parts of the world, and connect farmers with technology and critical information to boost yields, reach new customers and earn higher incomes. We equip entrepreneurs with training and tools to unlock new opportunities for success. Through all of our work, we’re connecting families with the resources they need to lead stronger, more resilient lives.

Each quarter, through your Wordy Traveler subscription box and the books that you read, you are offered the opportunity to reach across beliefs and borders and to see the humanity in all people and destinations. But through your subscription you are also giving back, and this quarter $5 from each box will support Mercy Corps and our work, meaning you’re helping families and communities build a better world. 

You will find a bit more information about Mercy Corps in your box this quarter. If would like to receive occasional updates about our work and learn more about how you can provide further support, sign up for our newsletter and follow along on instagram. 

With gratitude,


Mercy Corps team member and fellow lover of reading and travel 

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